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Russian proxy
Need Russian proxy ? It would seem that it may be easier to find a Russian proxy in runet . But the situation is that in runet difficult to find a proxy server in Russia. This paradoxical situation is essentially the result of laziness of webmasters who make up the proxy database . Greed , laziness , inattention and that ruined a good idea in the bud. As a result, there is no greater challenge than finding a Russian proxy list . But we have overcome this problem and created a resource where one can easily find a Russian proxy . And note that you do not need to register , no need to pay and do not need to doubt the quality of the database , as we update the list of Russian proxy thirty times per hour , eliminating outside proxy and adding to the list , anonymous and transparent proxies Russian elite , which are always available. Want to see for yourself — check out our list of proxy servers Russia .
Russian proxy/Русские, российские прокси сервера

<proxy_server_name> : <proxy_port_number>

List of working Russian (Russian) proxies — update every 2 minutes